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Automated shear wave pulse echo

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Angle shear wave methods are widely used in NDT and in most applications the probe is manually manipulated. There are, however, significant benefits to automating the process, both in terms of probe manipulation and data collection. The benefits include the following.

    • Consistent performance with minimised human factors effects
    • Substantially improved probability of detection (POD)
    • Improved sizing capability
    • Accurate positional control
    • Accurate position information for each scan
    • Full recording of all data for more detailed analysis
    • Reliable repeat comparisons

Automated shear wave pulse echo is used for a variety of applications, some examples are listed below.

    • Inspection of welds to detect and size planar flaws.
    • Inspection of corrosion resistant alloys for stress corrosion cracking.
    • Inspection of corrosion resistant alloys for chloride pitting.
    • Inspection of materials in wet H2S service for vertical cracking elements.

Sonomatic has a number of deployment solutions for automated pulse echo, the relevant datasheets are provided on the right of the page

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