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Screening inspection for pipelines

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In cases where in-line inspection by intelligent pigging is not possible, alternative methods of inspection are necessary to provide information on pipeline condition. Inspecting unpiggable lines relies on techniques that are externally applied. A range of externally applied techniques are available for pipeline inspection. These include ultrasonic corrosion mapping, long range ultrasonic testing (LRUT), guided waves introduced by electromagnetic acoustical transducers (EMATs) and eddy current methods, e.g. SEF.

The best approach to inspection will depend on the nature of the potential degradation. In some cases a screening approach will be most appropriate. Screening methods typically provide for higher coverage than is possible with methods providing detailed quantitative data. The detection capability for low level degradation is typically more limited, however, as is accuracy of depth, or wall thickness, measurement. The focus of screening is therefore often on providing assurance that the inspection identifies the most severe degradation, or at least regions representative thereof.

Sonomatic provides a range of techniques for pipeline screening.

These inspection techniques are deployed both topside and subsea. Sonomatic’s techniques and deployment methods for screening are aimed at providing rapid inspection with defined capability for different types of degradation.

Sonomatic can assist clients with planning and evaluation of inspections for unpiggable pipelines, with the aim being to identify the most effective approach for each situation and to ensure the inspection achieved meets the integrity requirements.

Sonomatic provides follow up inspection to areas of severe degradation identified by screening, using techniques that quantify the depth and characteristics of the degradation in detail. This allows for fitness for service assessment to be performed.

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