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Verification of ILI tool findings

Pipelines are often inspected by in-line inspection (ILI) using intelligent pigging tools. These tools provide valuable information on pipeline condition but given the challenges of inspection from the inside of pipelines, the accuracy of measurements can be limited. This can affect decisions on the integrity and remaining life of pipelines, the outcomes of which can be expensive, e.g. replacement or repair of a line. Consequently pipeline operators will often choose to verify the wall thickness and extent of degradation features identified during an ILI run. This is most often done using externally applied inspection tools with enhanced accuracy.

Accuracy of inspection is critical for verification applications. Sonomatic provides a range of techniques for verification.

Inspections are provided both topside and subsea. Sonomatic provides an assessment of inspection performance as achieved in the field to allow clients to make integrity decisions that take measurement accuracy into consideration.

Sonomatic can assist clients in identifying the best approach for each inspection application. This includes identification of the most appropriate techniques and methods of deployment.

Sonomatic also provides engineering consultancy support to clients in determining when verification is likely to have benefits and the number of locations needed to provide the required information for an overall assessment of integrity. These services are based on order statistics analysis of the ILI tool measurement errors. Order statistics considerations mean that the features reported as deepest in an ILI run will often be those with the highest depth oversizing errors. The likely errors can be estimated and decisions then made as to the most appropriate follow up. For example if the analysis indicates that the real depth likely to be substantially smaller than that reported, then the investment in verification will most likely pay substantial returns.

Sonomatic’s verification inspections typically provide detailed wall thickness data that is suitable for fitness for service assessment.

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