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Inspection for preferential weld corrosion/erosion

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Time of Flight Diffraction Inspection for Weld Flaw Detection and Sizing

Welds sometimes have higher susceptibility to corrosion and/or erosion compared to the parent material. Degradation growth rates can be high, increasing the potential for failure by local leakage or rupture. The presence of degradation, having unique morphologies, within or adjacent to the weld represents an inspection challenge requiring specific techniques.

Sonomatic was instrumental in the development of Time of Flight Diffraction (TOFD) for the inspection of preferential weld corrosion/erosion. We have developed an in-depth understanding of how to maximise the reliability of TOFD in this inspection application and continue to work on improvements to the technique and methods of deployment.

Sonomatic’s approach aims to maximise the value of the data for each application through:

  • Optimisation of ultrasonic and physical set up parameters for each case
  • Ensuring the ultrasonic data quality is maintained
  • Detail design of the deployment methods, based on extensive feedback from field experience, to ensure ease of use and maintenance of ultrasonic coupling across all geometries and conditions likely to be encountered.

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