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Inspection for fatigue and stress corrosion cracking

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Ultrasonic Inspection Modelling using CIVA NDE Software

An Integrated Approach to Weld Root Erosion and Corrosion from Sonomatic

The operating conditions and design of equipment may be such that it is susceptible to cracking in-service. Crack growth can be driven by cyclic loading (fatigue) or by the chemistry of the operating environment (stress corrosion or environmentally assisted cracking). These damage mechanisms are more frequently encountered in welds but can also be present in parent material.

Cracking can be a significant threat to integrity, with potential for catastrophic failure in the form of rupture. Hence cracking mechanisms are a consideration in the integrity management of many types of equipment. Inspection plays a vital role in providing and/or validating the following information.

  • Whether or not a cracking mechanism is present.
  • The dimensions and locations of cracks present.
  • The growth rate and distribution of growth rate for cracks.
  • The characteristics of cracks, so that the mechanism can be understood.

Reliability of the above information is fundamental to sound integrity and operational decisions. Sonomatic provides a range of inspection techniques for cracking.

Services are provided using scanners developed in-house to optimise technique performance in the field and to allow rapid deployment under typical field conditions.

Sonomatic can assist clients in developing the best approach to each inspection application. Given the potential consequences of failure by cracking mechanisms, a clear identification of the inspection performance requirements and qualification of the inspection approach accordingly is often necessary. Sonomatic recognises the importance of qualification and works with clients to demonstrate that the inspection performed delivers to the requirements. This activity includes:

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