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Inspection of column bottom domed ends

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Domed End Scanner

The bottom domed end of columns and vertical vessels is often the region most susceptible to internal corrosion since it is where liquids will usually collect. Hence effective NII of such vessels typically relies on a reliable inspection of the bottom domed end. These vessels are typically mounted on skirt supports. In the case of smaller diameters in particular the skirt support may restrict access to the bottom domed end such that only very limited (or sometimes no) coverage is possible using generally available techniques. The restrictions are often such that the coverage achieved would not meet the requirements of typical Type B NII and certainly not for Type C NII.

In order to ensure that NII can meet all the requirements for vertical vessels, Sonomatic has developed a bespoke scanner for inspection of bottom domes where there is restricted access to the region within vessel skirt supports. This scanner can deploy a range of techniques including 0 degree corrosion mapping, TOFD screening and automated angle shear wave.

The bottom dome scanner is part of Sonomatic’s comprehensive NII package, aimed at ensuring consistent delivery of NII meeting the requirements for deferment or replacement of IVI.

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