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Model of New Deepwater Inspection Tool on display for the first time at Offshore Europe

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UK based Sonomatic, who specialise in Integrity driven inspection solutions, have announced the development a new ROV deployed deepwater inspection tool that allows the remote scanning of pipelines and risers, otherwise inaccessible by conventional means or divers. The projected release date of this system is mid 2008.

The new system will allow the deployment of a range of probes and scanning methods on a variety of pipe sizes and configurations. The current system is being developed for use up to 1000m subsea, but research has already begun to increase this to 3000m.

When deployed, the tool will scan up to 1,5m (full 360 degree coverage) by moving the probes internally. It will have the ability, thereafter, to accurately transfer itself along the pipeline to commence scanning a new section.

Herman Eloff, Sonomatic’s design engineer and one of the team working on the new tool said,
“We are confident that whilst the new tool will rely on the ROV for placement on and removal from the pipeline, it will be otherwise completely self sufficient, minimising the ROV time required and reducing costs”.

A model of the new inspection tool can be seen at the Sonomatic stand - Blue Zone 1270

For further information please call Herman Eloff on 01224 355 437 or email

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