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Ovality Scanner Press Release

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UK-based Automated Ultrasonic Inspection Specialist Sonomatic has launched an Ovality Scanner to measure the shape and dimension of subsea structures.
The technology, which uses pulse echo inspection methods, deploys two probes that are placed at equal distances around the circumference of the pipe and driven by Sonomatic’s Microplus II digital ultrasonic system. The probes are mounted on Sonomatic’s Nautilus manipulator - a motorised, dual-axis scanner, via a rigid 230° ring attached to a frame which is connected to the topside digital ultrasonic processor. The system is pressure-rated to depths of 250 metres and is currently diver deployed but is already being integrated into Sonomatic’s ROV systems.
Bespoke software has been created to present the data in a “Polar Plot” which tracks the pipe’s surface compared to the scanner ring and then automatically calculates the pipe’s maximum/minimum diameters and ovality. Additionally, wall thickness measurements can be collected simultaneously to measure the remaining wall at each location and present the data in B/C/D colour quantised formats.
Originally purpose designed to confirm the dimensions for a clamp that was to be fitted to a North Sea pipeline following the welding of a branch pipe, the Ovality Scanner offers the potential for much wider applications. These include determining clamp sizes for repairs, measuring dents following damage to a pipe, and analysing the shape of a component to ascertain whether it would affect load resistance.
Sonomatic Operations and Business Development Manager Zach McCann said: “The Ovality Scanner performed impressively during trials and has now proved its worth in the field. We are confident that our technology will be invaluable in a range of applications when assessing critical subsea structures.”

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