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Sonomatic leads the way with inspection technology

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A new approach to managing the integrity of maturing assets is taking hold across the offshore industry, with a shift away from traditional methods towards more sophisticated inspection technologies.

There will always remain a role for visual internal inspection of vessels and manual measuring of piping wall thickness but as integrity management of pressure and structural systems is refined and broadened the need grows for supporting skills and a new business ethos.

What is now becoming more widely understood is that the costs associated with the inspection process — planning, execution, analysis — are offset by the much larger returns they generate through deferred or avoided shutdowns, fewer future inspections, and extended asset life.

Of course, there will always come a point where continued inspections cease to generate further benefits, and as the global market leaders in this emerging field we at Sonomatic offer our clients the highly accurate results they need to make informed, cost-effective decisions about future asset viability and safety. 

Ours is a worldwide organisation with exceptional expertise in ultrasonic inspection design and application dating back more than 30 years. Much of our advanced ultrasonic technology is developed in-house by our team of software, electronics and mechanical design engineers who continue to build on a logistics approach refined through our extensive experience of operating in particularly aggressive and challenging industrial environments.

We have a depth of expertise and experience that makes it possible for us to provide exceptionally robust, reliable technology and responsive support offshore, delivered within an environment where the unexpected can always be expected to happen. Every member of our team understands the importance of bringing together a high degree of technical competence, support, versatility, the right attitude, and clear commitment, and we do this by working alongside our clients to create a strong handshake between disciplines and ensure that the inspection dovetails into the planning and analysis phases.

As a result we have built a strong working relationship with all our core clients, and constant communication and feedback in turn helps us fine tune our next generation of technology and improve the services we offer.

Among the sophisticated techniques we use are non-intrusive inspection planning of pressure vessels, specialist Hot Tap techniques, and statistical methods for pipework inspection planning.

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