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Sonomatic unveils their first diver-free subsea inspection tool

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Ultrasonic Inspection specialist Sonomatic is introducing a new subsea inspection tool that can be deployed entirely by ROV. This has significant benefits to operators including reduced cost of inspection and access to deeper waters.

The new ROV deployed Inspection tool has been designed for Inspection of pipelines, risers, caissons, and structural assets using a wide range of techniques, key amongst them are corrosion mapping and time of flight diffraction (ToFD). The tool can operate both vertically and horizontally.
Sonomatic — which has UK bases in Aberdeen and Warrington — is a global leader in ultrasonic non-destructive testing and bespoke scanner designs for complex Inspections.
Ryan Phipps, Subsea Project Manager for Sonomatic said: “This tool marks a new generation in subsea inspection technology as it means accurate scanning can now be carried out entirely diver-free and to depths currently out of Inspection range.
“The tool is deployed by the ROV, giving the operator maximum control when manoeuvring and setting up. A ten-metre umbilical connects the tool to the ROV via a Sonomatic subsea pod which has all electrical and motion services, all data is transferred back to the surface. No additional cabling is needed.
“Once the tool is on location, it is held in position by hydraulic clamps activated by the ROV operator after which it is ready to begin scanning.
“It is quick to set up and simple to operate and can be adapted for use with both working class and inspection class ROVs.”
The Inspection tool will range in size dependant on asset and application, the standard 10” tool is 700mm by 800mm and weighs approximately 35kgs.
There is full integration with Sonomatic’s Microplus Digital Ultrasonic software and ovality measurement package as well as the multi-channel corrosion mapping and ToFD suites. Multiple data presentations are available, in A, B, C and D-Scan formats.
The tool can be used with both wide-angle video cameras on a multiplexer and with LED lighting systems. The ROV UT tool is pressured-rated to 2,000 metres, and communications are via RJ45 ethernet or by RS232.
Ryan added: “We are confident that this new addition to Sonomatic’s stable of leading edge inspection technology will bring subsea operators significant benefits, in particular substantial savings in the total cost of inspection campaigns and providing access to deeper waters.”

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